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Traffic Violations Could Hike Your Insurance Premium

blogimage traffic-violations-could-hike-your-insurance-premium

Jumping a red light next time could lead to an increase in your motor insurance premium if a working group committee's recommendations are accepted by the Insurance Regulatory and Dev [Read More]

How to install car tire chains correctly


Tire chains, snow chains, or skid chains are chains that are wrapped over the tire tread of car wheels to increase traction and grip in extreme winter conditions. There are varieties of car chains [Read More]

How to get duplicate registration certificate


In case, the owner of the vehicle wants a duplicate registration certificate due to the loss or damage to the original registration certificate, there is facility provided by the government to do s [Read More]

E-Checkpost Portal Are Getting Ready

blogimage -e-checkpost-portal-are-getting-ready

Bhubaneswar: Commerce and Transport Minister Padmanabha Behera on Sunday inaugurated a web-based portal e-Checkpost and a mobile app for the citizens to enable them to report traffic violations.

[Read More]

5 Measures Taken by Officials to Reduce Road Accidents

blogimage 5-measures-taken-by-officials-to-reduce-road-accidents

We are in the age of speed. We desire high-speed Internet, quick services, and the most important – faster commuting options. The first two things on the list are not life-threatening, but th [Read More]

RTO Rules And Regulations Guide for Imported Vehicles

blogimage rto-rules-and-regulations-guide-for-imported-vehicles

Even dreaming about owning an imported vehicle seems like an expensive affair. If you happen to be someone who can afford this luxury, then first of all congratulations. Secondly, you need to know [Read More]

Traffic Rules and Traffic Violations in Hyderabad, Telangana

blogimage traffic-rules-and-traffic-violations-in-hyderabad-telangana

The traffic rules in Hyderabad are strict. Authorities are putting their best foot forward in terms of creating the most safest possible on-road environment.

As a responsible Indian citizen [Read More]

Traffic rules and violation in Bengaluru

blogimage traffic-rules-and-violation-in-bengaluru

With the number of motor vehicles increasing on the narrow roads of Bengaluru every day, it is the need of the hour for the commuters to learn about the traffic rules and the possible violations th [Read More]

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