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RTO Forms List


RTO or Regional transport office is a government organisation that manages the database of drivers and vehicles of all the states in India. The four major functions of an RTO include:

Learning Licence Test Questions 2019

blogimage learning-licence-test-questions-2019

In order to be able to legally drive on public roads in India, one must have a valid Driving Licence and in order to do so, the first step is to procure a Learning Licenc [Read More]

How to Pay Traffic Challan Online and Offline

blogimage how-to-pay-traffic-challan-online-and-offline

Every state in India has a different website where people can go and pay their traffic challans. You will have to visit your state’s transport official website to pay a traffic challan.[Read More]

What is Vehicle Registration Process?

blogimage what-is-vehicle-registration-process

Buying a vehicle is a dream come true for many. If you are planning on buying a new vehicle, please note that you will be required to register it with your local RTO. RTO stands for “Regi [Read More]

How to update vehicle info online...

blogimage how-to-update-vehicle-info-online

With a view to overcome non-digitisation of registration records of cars, two-wheelers and transport vehicles, the transport department’s office has sought citizens’ help by launching & [Read More]

Soon, take driving test in automatic cars

blogimage soon-take-driving-test-in-automatic-cars

According to officials of the transport department, a notification will soon be issued to all the RTOs across Gujarat.

Owners of cars with automatic transmission c [Read More]

Not just fines, new rules for driving licence too

blogimage not-just-fines--new-rules-for-driving-licence-too

The new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019, not only increased fines for traffic violations but has also introduced several changes to other rules. They include new norms on vehicle recalls, road [Read More]

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