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RTO seva kendras to issue, renew licences


Regional transport offices (RTOs) in the state may soon get seva kendras, on the lines of passport service centres, to issue smart card driving licences, renew them or provide duplicate copies. Sta [Read More]

5 Countries Where You Can Drive With Your Indian Licence

blogimage 5-countries-where-you-can-drive-with-your-indian-licence

It's rare we come across someone who does not love to travel and see beautiful places. Most of us love to travel. Just the thought of travelling miles to see a waterfall or riding all the way t [Read More]

Things To Know While Buying A Second-Hand Car in India


In a recent report from Sullivan and Frost, the statistics showed that the number of second-hand car purchases in India is equivalent to the number of new cars purchased. Purchasing a second-hand c [Read More]

How To Find Out Vehicle Registration Details By Vehicle Number

blogimage how-to-find-out-vehicle-registration-details-by-vehicle-number

There is so many reasons that you want to know the owner of the vehicle – you might notice something illegal, annoying or witness of the hit-and-run case certainly you need to remember the ve [Read More]

Types of permit and fees for motor vehicles in India

blogimage types-of-permit-and-fees-for-motor-vehicles-in-india

There are two different type of permits available for motor vehicles in India. They are national permit and local permit. The fees levied by the registering authority for different class of vehicle [Read More]

You will have to pass new RTO driving test for licence

blogimage you-will-have-to-pass-new-rto-driving-test-for-licence

The process to issue driving licences will become faster and more transparent with the introduction of an Innovative Driving Testing System at RTOs across the State within a year. The camera-based [Read More]

Pollution test centres to be listed in Google Maps

blogimage pollution-test-centres-to-be-listed-in-google-maps

All vehicle pollution testing centres (PUCs), RTO offices and driving testing tracks in Odisha would be listed in Google Maps soon. A directive in this regard has been issued by the State Transport [Read More]

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