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Car and two-wheeler loan EMIs are going to rise

blogimage car-and-two-wheeler-loan-emis-are-going-to-rise

If you are planning to buy a vehicle, then get ready to pay more EMIs every month, whether with fixed or floating rates. EMIs rates will be going to increase soon when RBI decided to increase the k [Read More]

Vlogger rides a scooter in India with a roof

blogimage vlogger-rides-a-scooter-in-india-with-a-roof

Recently, a vlogger in India posted a video on her YouTube channel, named "BikeWithGirl". She made a scooter look like a smaller version of a car. The name of the motorcycle is AD200.

This p [Read More]

5 break problems that you should never ignore

blogimage 5-break-problems-that-you-should-never-ignore

Every part of the car needs to be taken care of at equal intervals. Here are some issues with the brake that you should not ignore.

Burning smell while braki [Read More]

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