1. What does following sign represent?

Keep left.
There is no road on the left.
Compulsory keep left.

2. What does following sign represent?

Cross road ahead
No entry

3. What does following sign represent?

Barrier ahead.
Railway cross ahead.
Weigh bridge ahead.

4. When should you use mobile phone?

When the vehicle is running at very slow speed.
When the vehicle is running at medium speed on express highway.
When the vehicle is parked a side.

5. You can overtake a vehicle through the left side, if

The driver of that vehicle indicated his intention to turn right and proceeds to the center of the road
There is sufficient space on the left side.
The vehicle moves slowly.

6. How driver can prevent fatigue while driving?

By drinking alcohol.
By resting during the journey at every two hours.
By listening to the music.

7. You have fitted LPG/CNG fitment in your car from an approved fitment center. Is it compulsory to get it registered at R.T.O?

No need as it is done at an approved center.

8. A 10 year old child sitting in the front seat of the car should buckle the seat belt?

Not necessary for children.
It is compulsory
Valid only on rear seats.

9. What does this Traffic sign mean ?

Left Reverse Bend
Right Reverse Bend
Steep Ascent
Steep Descent

10. You are driving. A vehicle comes up quickly behind flashing its headlamps. You should

Allow the vehicle to overtake
Accelerate to maintain a gap behind you
Touch the brakes to show your brake lights
Maintain your speed and prevent the vehicle from overtaking.