1. What does following sign represent?

Rough road.
Slippery road.
Falling rocks.

2. What does following sign represent?

Parking lot - scooter and motor cycles.
Scooter and motor cycles prohibited.
Scooter and motor cycles repairing.

3. Road on which driving in reverse gear is prohibited

One way road.
Market area.
State highway.

4. Blinking yellow traffic light means

Stop the vehicle till green light glows.
Stop the vehicle and proceed if safe.
Reduce speed and proceed safely.

5. You can overtake a vehicle through the left side, if

The driver of that vehicle indicated his intention to turn right and proceeds to the center of the road
There is sufficient space on the left side.
The vehicle moves slowly.

6. When any property of a third party is damaged due to an accident

The driver shall report to the nearest police station within 24 hours.
The driver shall report to the nearest police station within 7 days.
Need not report to any police station.

7. What does this Traffic sign mean ?

Left Hand Curve
Right Hand Curve
Hair Pin Bend Right
Compulsory Ahead Only

8. When you come to crossing and wish to turn left

You can Cross at all Crossings because all left turns are FREE.
All Left Turns are FREE except those otherwise indicated
You get right of way
None of these

9. What does this sign mean ?

Straight Prohibited or No Entry
Give Way
One way sign
None of these

10. On a road with a single broken line where traffic is travelling in opposite directions, you can

Move in either Lane
Stick to your Lane and Overtake with care
Overtake from the Left
None of these